How to become the best version of yourself

It’s nice to be yourself, to do whatever you want. But there is always room to grow in order to become better in your own eyes. Here are a few areas of development in which perfection has no limits.

To love. People. Work. Partner. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Stop worrying about things that should happen for happiness but don’t. Focus on having a positive attitude toward the things that already bring you joy. You can yell at the waiter who mixed up the orders, to snap at the first person you meet, accidentally stepped on the foot. And you can behave exactly the opposite – and impress them much more! Negative emotions take away minutes of life, positive – add.


Find time for yourself. Even if there is a lot to do, it’s important to find a moment to be alone with yourself in the daily hustle and bustle. Sort out some thoughts, feel your reactions, just sit and not think about anything. It’s important to exercise from time to time, to run, to swim – to take time for your body.

Read books. Despite the fact that the adult brain is not as agile and able to absorb new things as in childhood, it is important to learn something every day. It trains the memory, curious facts get stuck in the brain, and a well-written novel brings a lot of joy.


Getting enough sleep. A person’s mood and condition during the day depends on good sleep. Therefore, if you don’t get enough sleep on weekdays, a daytime nap on weekends will help fix the situation a little bit.

Sometimes you want to look at more successful peers and think why you’re not among them. But such thoughts don’t get you any closer, on the contrary. Only if you focus on what is important, the result will not make itself wait.


Be positive. Behind these simple words is a positive attitude towards life: work, people, events. Meet the new day with a smile, don’t expect failure and ridicule, set yourself up for the best – and everything will be fine.