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How to be confident and satisfied

How to be confident and satisfied?

Love yourself.

Self-love is the complete acceptance of yourself as you are. And this is not selfishness. Your self-esteem is the foundation on which your successes and achievements are built. Love all your flaws and start to be proud of your virtues. Ideal people do not exist. Do not change yourself and your desires. Relationships deteriorate because of a lack of self-love. Remind yourself often that you are a woman who deserves the very best. This is very beneficial, because if we love ourselves, then we always look young and attractive, because nothing decorates like a positive attitude. Whatever one may say, you need to appreciate and feel sorry for yourself.


Live fully in the present.

Be attentive to yourself – your feelings, desires and needs. After all, people who live in the past are prone to depression, and people who live in the future are very anxious. Stop worrying about the little things. You will not be able to fully appreciate what is happening to you today if you care too much about what will happen tomorrow. Understand a simple thing: tomorrow will still come – no matter how much you worry. With excitement alone, you will not change the situation, but only waste your energy in vain. Try to avoid arguments and engage in gossip. It takes your precious time and reduces your productivity.


Get rid of remorse.

In order to learn how to say “no”, you need to be 100% confident in yourself. It is high self-esteem that will allow you to deny and not feel remorse at the same time. Resolutely ignore the needs of others, especially if they do not match your capabilities. Don’t sacrifice yourself for others. It will only drain you. Determine what is best for you – the approval of the environment or your own interests. After all, most often you agree to conditions that are uncomfortable for you in order to avoid feelings of guilt. Learn to restrain your remorse and do not try to please everyone. No matter how hard you try, there will always be dissatisfied people.